Services we provide SAR training which is equal to all
State and National SAR Certifications.

Below is listed the courses we teach and the cost.
Our requirements for K9 SAR are as follows.
1) 18 years of age or older.
2) Everyone in the family that handles the dog must be a NON SMOKER.
3) Have no prior felony convictions. We do background checks.
4) You must prepay for the course in CASH or cashiers check.
5) We no longer accept personal or business checks.
6) Application and waiver must be completed.
7) Dog must not be aggressive towards people or other search dogs.

NOTE: Cost. If you come to us for training this reduces your cost, as there will be no travel expenses cost on our part.

If we come to your location then you must pay for fuel if we drive, motels, meals, and or airfare if we fly.

Number of students per class Min. 1, Max. 5 per session.

Search and Rescue. Instruction in all aspects of Search and Rescue to private citizens, search and rescue applicants, law enforcement, fire departments, governments and military.

Urban (USAR). Confined space. Teach how to respond, set up base camps, and assess the safety factors, approaching in and around rubble sites.
Cribbing, shoring up dangerous areas, marking locations of live and dead victims, extractions. Basic Hazmat identification. Dealing with the deaths and PTSD. Decontamination.
8 hour course. Cost $400.00 per day plus all travel expenses.

Mountain Rescue and Avalanche SAR. Probes, ELT’s. High angle rope techniques, anchors, raising systems.
8 hour course. Cost $500.00 per day plus all travel expenses.

Wilderness SAR. Includes land navigation, map and compass, flagging, GPS, Diagrams. Edible plants, outdoor survival, ground to air signals.
8 hour course. Cost. $300.00 per day plus all travel expenses.

Water SAR. Surface and sub surface SAR. Throw ropes, swim rescue, use of boats, kayaks, underwater cameras, K9’s. Recovery hooks. Understanding water currents.
4 hour course. Cost $300.00 per day plus all travel expenses.

K9 Search and Rescue training is expensive. You will receive the top of the line K-9 SAR training by experts in the field.

K9 Agility, cadaver, live victims, avalanche, air scenting, tracking, trailing, scent discrimination, pet first aid, Rappelling. (See below cost).

Agility. 2 hour course. $100.00 per day. This includes cost of rental of facility.

Air scenting and general Cadaver training. $250.00 per day.

Air scenting -Live victim. $250.00 per day.

K9 Avalanche course. 6 hour course. $250.00 per day.

Pet First Aid. 2 hour course includes pet CPR. $150.00 per day.

Rappelling with dog. $250.00 per day.

K9 Tracking. $250.00 per day.

K9 Trailing. $250.00 per day.

K9 Water SAR. $250.00 per day.

Forensics. 6 hour course. Crime scenes, documenting, photography, forensic evidence, Report writing. Testifying in court. $250.00 per day plus all travel expenses.

Desert SAR and survival. 8 hour course. Working SAR in the desert. Edible plants, gathering safe water. Land navigation. $500.00 per day plus all travel expenses.

Jungle SAR and Survival. Edible plants, gathering safe water. Land navigation. 12 hour course. $500.00 per day plus all travel expenses.

ICS, (Incident Command System). 8 hour course. Base operations, logistics, Public Relations, Setting up a base camp. Radio communications.
$300.00 per day plus travel expenses.

Tracking. Man and animal tracking. 6 hour course. $250.00 per day plus all travel expenses.

Survival shelters, edible plants, fire making. 6 hour course.
$250.00 per day plus all travel expenses.

We also offer actual qualified skilled teams to handle INVESTIGATIONS: Death = Homicides, suicides, accidental. Email us for rates.

MISSING PERSONS: Adults and Children. Finding missing children, kidnapping victims, runaways, suicides. Email us for rates.

Grief Councilor. Regarding the loss of human and pet family members.
Email us for cost to cover travel expenses.

Children: Child Safety Expert “Stranger Danger”, “Disaster Preparedness“, and Wilderness Survival Instructor with our Help Us Find You safety programs. This is great for Boy scouts, Girl Scouts, campfire kids, churches, families, friends, employees, safety fairs, and neighborhood association meetings. We’ve documented saving 16 lives to date with our program.

We teach in classroom settings and can actually take the kids out into the field for field trip sessions. Email us for our rates.
Group classroom assemblies $200.00 plus all travel expenses.
Field $250.00 for all day session. PER CHILD.

Dog Masseuse. $50.00 per hour. Plus all travel expenses.

Dog Obedience $150.00 per session if you come to us.
If we come to you then ad travel expenses.

Dog walking $35.00 per hour plus all travel expenses.

Dog Transporter – Vet visits. $25.00 plus travel expenses. $35.00 for round trip with less then one hour wait at vets. If it’s more then 1 hour then you will be charged $25.00 per hour.

Therapy and Service animal training and certification. $250.00 for course.

Write us at for more information.
Thank you.

Harry Oakes C.E.O.


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