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Mountain Rescue Ranger and Harry rapelling into crevasse.
Crevasse Rescue.
Valorie digging out person covered in snow
Avalanche Rescue.
Ranger and Harry hanging from helicopter.
Helicopter Rescue.
Missing People St. Croix policeman and Valorie
Missing Person.
Harry, Valorie, Michelle, Rusty after finding drowned child
Drowned Child.
Ranger on sit/stay at crime scene.
Murder Victim.
Found body 5 feet & found suspect.
Greenville, OH

St. Croix. Found
2 sets of human remains.

Assisted St. Croix
law enforcement
in search for suspect.
Disasters Digging out a live victim in Turkey
1999 Turkey
Mud and debris in street after Hurricane Mitch
1998 Honduras
Hurricane Mitch
Kaiser building destroyed in Northridge earthquake
1994 Northridge,
CA Earthquake
  Rescuing victims of Turkey earthquake
1999 Turkey
Walking to search site in residential Tegucigalpa
1998 Honduras
Hurricane Mitch
Flying to search scene after Philippine earthquake.
1990 Philippine
Pet Searches Rescuing bull mastiff from dry well
Dog rescued.
Found dog and happy owner
Found lost dog.
More photos of found pets.
Training Helicopter safety class
Helicopter Safety.
Water Rescue training in water
Water Rescue.
Training the Sitka team search and rescue
Search and Rescue.

Search dog Tyler

Harry Oakes SAR Dog handler/instructor

Harry Oakes SAR Dog handler/instructor with Search dog Willow

Michelle Keating & Yogi
Chris Umphrey & Thor
Brandon Oakes
Support team member

Cher Williams and sar dog Elly K-9-5

Azalea & Baily Eugene & Mandy
St. Croix Team
Puppy agility course Melody Pugh SAR Dog puppy in training on disaster SAR Dog Ugo watching puppy on agility  

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