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 Harry Oakes SAR Stats May 1986 – April 26, 2017.

Harry Oakes started in SAR, May 1972 - 1974 with Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office with MCSO LE Post# 900 / 631. Portland, Ore.

Sept. 1974- Sept. 1977 US Army Military Police assisted in MAST Medicvac’s. Military SAR Ops. And Mountain Rescue overseas. 7th Division MP Co. and 165th MP Company.

Oct. 77 - Jan.78 UOHSC Police Officer Commissioned 90 day temp traffic position.

Feb. – June 78 Drain P.D. & Ambulance EMT.

July 78 Aug 79 Eastide City PD. Co Instructor Police officer Survival and Self Defense. Oregon Police Academy.

Sept. 79- March 1980. Morrow County Sheriff’s Office in Heppner, Oregon. Sheriff’ SAR Coordinator, instructor, and EMT.

1982-1984 Washington Co. Sheriff’s office Hillsboro, Ore. Paid reserve deputy and B.P.S.T. training instructor for PR-24 and Defensive tactics.

1987-1994 Unpaid volunteer Clark Co. K-9  Sheriff’s office advisor, K9 SAR Coordinator, Sheriff Kanakoa.

1980-1996 Volunteer back country Ski patrol. Mt Hood, Ore. Mt St Helens, Wa.

1986 Active member / instructor with Portland Mountain Rescue and co-founded the search dog program Oregon D.O.G.S. for the state of Oregon in 1986.

1986 - 1997 Harry co-founded the Nonprofit K9 SAR team of Oregon D.O.G.S. (Dogs Organized for Ground Search and Rescue).

1987 -1997 Founded the NONPROFIT Mountain Wilderness Search Dogs.

1997 to Current. Harry founded the For profit professional

International K9 Search and Rescue Services. 

Here's the breakdown of Harry’s SAR Calls. All documented, and all accepted in the courts of law. Reviewed and verified by the Oregon Department of Justice, The FBI, and IRS, as well as independent auditors. 


Since 1986, I've received over 12,252 SAR call requests around the world. This is for missing personslost pets, evidence, and suspect id.

This also includes consult cases. (Does not include SAR Dog Training Requests).

2,245 requests have been for missing persons cases.     7,445 cases have been for Evidence, and Missing pet cases.

2,562 Advisor/Consultant – Instructor All aspects of Search and Rescue. 

I've performed 638 Consulting cases re: Missing person calls. I've documented through State, City, Federal Law Enforcement agencies as well as various Government agencies.

Documented 204 Direct live Finds of missing personsThis means I’ve located 204 persons alive during my active searches. 

230 Assisted Live Finds of Missing persons. I've assisted the Law Enforcement, Government agencies, and private families through consulting and our search efforts. What this means is that various LE Agencies, private families, and government agencies have turned to my SAR expertise, SAR coordination skills, and ability to read air currents, search dogs alerts, scent and scent evidence and I was able to directed search teams to a particular areas based on my 45 years of SAR Expertise, which helped them find the missing person(s) alive in the areas I directed them to. 

Totals; 434 LIVE finds Directly and Assisted indirectly of missing persons.   450 DIRECT DEAD Finds of Missing persons. 

179 Assisted Dead Finds of missing persons. I've assisted the LE and Govt. and private families in finding victims indirectly with my search dogs leading LE and private family members to specific locations. What this means is that various LE Agencies, private families, and government agencies have turned to my SAR expertise, SAR coordination skills, and ability to read air currents, search dogs alerts, scent and scent evidence and I was able to directed search teams to a particular area which helped them find the missing person dead. 

Total human victims located dead 629.   Total Finds and Assist Finds Live and Dead Humans 1,063.  

All these cases are documented. Case # assigned. Date, times, locations, names, places, agencies and have been reviewed by the Dept of justice, local law enforcement and other agencies and has been authenticated. 

All FINDS live and Dead were witnessed by other law enforcement, SAR members, family members of the victims. 

Finding just one person alive or dead gives the search dog handler credibility. 

Harry Oakes has a documented 99% accuracy level at finding the victim or determining what really happened to them and where.


May-86 To  04-26-2017.  

Cats search calls  3,566.    Dogs search calls 3,942.     (Note) Not all calls end up as an Active search.

Many of the missing pets are found through Harry consulting with the pet owner(s) and directing their own private search activities.

Other animal calls.  Lizards calls 22  Hedge Hogs calls 3   Pet Rats calls 3 Otter call 1  Hamsters call 2  Mini Cows call 2  Turtles calls 63  Possum calls 1  Goats call 5  Horses 25  Pet snakes 5  Raccoons 1  Skunk 3  Elephant 1 (grief therapy Oregon Zoo)  Lion 2  Rabbits 7 Pet Birds 27  Llamas 2  Ferrets 32  Therapy pig 1. Suspect ID  49.  Bear hit by a car. 1.  Panda Bear escaped from Zoo in Ca. Consult 1. Live find.  (259 other).  Total SAR Calls for Pets 7,767.   

ARTICLES-  Wallet -1.  I-Phone –1. 

Total Search calls Requests for People, pets, Teaching K9 SAR, and article evidence. Consulting SAR Teams. 12,252.

Total finds Lost pets 4,282.  Total Finds Missing humans 1,063.  Total combine finds human and pets 5,345.

Total searches conducted 6,801.  Consults of missing persons and lost pets. 5,451.


Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.



Some of the successes I’ve documented.

Track for Sheriff’s office of bad guy 09-09-87  87-004  Wheeler Co. Fossil Ore. Escapee from Court House. "Anderson".  Team: H.Oakes SAR Kodi. Results: Tracked all night long to where deputies and  OSP located suspect in a camp ground where we tracked. GOOD JOB -KODI.  

09-25-87  87-005  Skamania Co. Mt. St. Helens, Washington 3 missing climbers. two adult male one juvenile female. Bad  weather. Monitor ridge. Kodi and I located them alive and cold one thousand feet up the trail from base camp.  

09-09-88  88-015 Clack. Co. Lake Oswego Golf Course. Altz. Pt. missing in hot weather x 5 days. William Griffee. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Ranger. Ranger located victim in Briar Patch DOA from heart attack.  

04-06-89  89-005  Polk Co."Jay Burroughs"-Homicide-Pee Dee, Ore. Victim missing 45 days. Team:H.Oakes SAR Dog Ranger. Results:  Located victim  buried in dirt and debris pile. Also located vital evidence in crime scene to show where victim was killed (SHOT) how he was transported to burial site, where evidence was in an abandoned house to show who shot victim and when.  

07-07-89  89-010  Clack. Co. Sheriffs Request Squaw Mtn. Joey Lefler lost 3 year old with 3 dogs. Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Ranger. Sheriff was going to call of search due to lack of clues. On Sat. Ranger and I and ST located boys footprints put containment team in area and located the boy alive the next day. He walked right out to our containment team.  

09-09-90  90-015  Polk Co. Missing 11 year old child with a gun. Nathan Montez Search. Suicide. Team: H .Oakes SAR Dog Ranger and Bill G.SAR Dog Lady. Results: We located victim DOA self inflicted gunshot wound to head.  OSP Request. 05-22-91 91-015 Douglas Co. SO. Missing child Tommy Gibson. Kidnap/Homicide.  

12-17-93  93-258-050 Polk Co. Missing 17y/o girl Angela Bush with a 7-year-old mentality. We were told this would be a cadaver search. Child missing X 3 days in very cold weather. 20 degrees outside. Dallas, Or. WE found her alive. 

09-27-28-94  94-359-096  Homicide x 2 . Carlson case Clark Co. Battle Ground Wash. Ranger and Shadow located where victims were killed and id suspect and how he transported victims out of the area. This after detectives went through home and did find anything. Good Job Ranger and Shadow.  

04-385-122(C) Clark Co. Brian Harris. MWSD teams located victim in search area after search one, Clark Co. SO and SAR and SSSAR and NCEMS and bloodhound team failed to locate him. We found him DOA in search area in less than 15 minutes. Supervised body recovery. We found prior search teams flagging ribbon, 10 feet from his head. 

 11-04-97 97-1108-185(A). Linn Co. Missing Child. Elijah Kelt Age 4. (Autistic). DLS: Monday. 0830Hrs. 11-03-97. We located child dead after local SAR  Dog teams failed to find him.

4-19-95 95-458-054 Oklahoma City Bombing-Disaster FBI Response.  

03-04-2002 Ore. City Ward Weaver Ashley Pond Miranda Gaddis FBI Case. Located location of three bodies after FBI, OCPD, OSSA SAR Dog teams failed to find anything. Media and family gave us full credibility as well as did FBI when they dug up the remains where we said they were. Obtained search warrants   

96-688-044(B). 03-07-96 Stolen St. Bernard (Suspect ID Case). Ore. Humane Society Law Enforcement division  Mult. Co. DA’s office found evidence convicted Veteranarion   for stealing Purebred dogs. 

94-335-027 (D-O). C. Hall Pine Bluff, Arkansas Homicide. Located evidence that ID Suspect. FBI Jamaica .08-14-2000 Mon. Claudia Kirshoch case Beaches resort  I gave 18 hour deposition on this case after being flown in by the FBI and locating suspect, vital evidence.  

02-25-98 98-1150-015 (C). Darke Co. Lynn Topp Missing Person. Lynn Topp.  Found body buried 8 feet deep on farm. Got search warrant. Recovered remains.  

Note: Thousands of documented cases on file. 

Court Cases:

Testified 09-02-95  Clark Co. Washington. Sheriff’s Dept. DEM#95-1217  Martha, Michael and Crystal Beeson Vancouver, WA. During suspect’s trial, the Clark Co. DA's office qualified me as an expert witness through my training, testing, and qualifications. I testified about scent evidence, our tracks of each subject, and drew a diagram of the route the suspect took with each victim.  

During a 10-minute recess, the suspect returned and stopped the trial and entered a plea of guilty on all charges. The D.A.'s office said that's the first time they've seen this happen in 10 years. (Search Warrant issued on this case based on the search dog’s findings). Our search dogs were 100% correct.  

09-11-2011 Karen Glacier Homicide Medford, Ore.

Testified Carolyn Killaby Homicide Clark Co. Wa. 95-599-196  11-18-95  Clark Co. (Suspect Convicted). 

Testified: 05-01-2014 Wrongful death lawsuit expert witness request. Attorney Kevin Hoffman,  Tracy Garcia

I testified as Expert Witness regarding Scent, scent evidence, Dog behavior, cold weather death. Vigrinia. Sally J. Ramsey (Victim). 49, of Hague (Helped Attorneys win a $8,000.000.00 dollar judgment against defendant). 

Testified 2014 Washington Co. Hillsboro, Oregon re Stolen Dog case against a vet clinic.  

Pierce County, Wa. Homicide - Suspect hears I’m responding, immediately  calls 911 and turns himself in because “He knew I would find his father buried in he back yard”.  

2014-9226-286(A). 06-09-2014 Tacoma, Wa. Missing person. RP: Cynthia Salzman  Grandmother and witness to suspect turning himself in. RE Richard Jason Salzman Case# 141-581193.

Confessed to burying his father behind the house in a compost pile). 

Case Prep Oct. 2016 Thurston Co. Wa. State of Washington Vs.. Mr. Clemens. Client for attorney Chris Van Vechten Attorney at Law The Law Office of Chris Van Vechten 253-666-8987 306 S. 7th. St, Suite 208 Tacoma, WA, 98402-3776 ( DA’s office offered Mr Clemens a plea bargain after reviewing my testimony).


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