Finding Lost Pets - Pet Search and Rescue

International K-9 Search and Rescue uses trained search dogs to search for missing and stolen animals including domesticated pets as well as livestock. If your pet is lost and you've signed a contract for us to help you find it, we will:

  1. Take a report from you including a missing pet description and profile.

  2. Obtain a scent article belonging to your pet. (Some kind of fur, hair, blanket, or collar that only that pet has touched, worn, or laid on).

  3. Start tracking the missing or stolen pet with a trained search dog team.

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Dog found and reunited with happy guardians.

Dogs and guardian reunited after Valorie tracked them for 6 miles.


A Bull Mastiff being
rescued from a 40 foot dry well.

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A found pet:
Thank you again for finding Pookie for us. I wish so much I had known about your service 3 days earlier and I think we could have found her alive. I know her time on earth was going to be limited but knowing she died all alone without us is hard for me. But it was good to find her so we didn't have to wonder and worry about her and we could bring her home to bury. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone in our situation.
Please send me a picture at your convenience.
Onalee and Jerry Wasserburger

We aren't cheap but you are getting 29 years of professional K9 SAR experience. I haven't raised our prices in 19 years.

We aren't a member of the Better Business Bureau, but we do hold an A plus rating with them.

Note: I have two search dogs. I'm only allowed to fly with one in cabin. Because of this, I do not have a credible dog sitter that I can trust to leave my other SAR dog with while I respond to private searches on the east coast, or mid west calls, this means I drive to most of my searches.

The cost? Unless you are willing to hire a PRIVATE JET which costs thousands of dollars so I may fly both SAR Dogs in cabin, I will be driving.

I charge $25.00 dollars per hour driving time each way. (Round trip) So go to map quest, Map quest from Longview, Washington to your location.

Example: Longview, Wa. to Seattle. 6 hours round trip x $25.00 = $150.00 (Must take in consideration (rush hour traffic-construction etc) 

Then ad the cost of fuel 128 miles each way x 2 (round trip) = 256 miles divide by one / third (Cost of fuel) = $86.00

Meals $40.00 per day.

Search time $200.00 per hour. (96% of my searches last one hour or less). 1 hour x 200 =$200.00

Total owed $476.00 then if you are paying by credit card (We don't accept checks of any kind). Cash or credit card payments only. You must ad the paypal or credit card fee of .0459%

.0459% x $476.00 =$22.00

Total bill will be $498.00 

If you are asked to make a deposit before we respond, you may then go to our web site at click on "Donate or Payment" button. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where you'll see a credit card button. Click on this and it takes you directly to our PayPal account. There you must make your payment in full. (Only after you have requested and received our contract and have completed it and sent it back.

If the trip is longer then 4 hours each way, I may ad a night stay at a motel. (Ad $120.00) per night of stay.

NOTE: If you live in the midwest or east coast, Please feel free to email me directly for assistance.

Please do not CALL MY OFFICE BEFORE 1200 PM your time which is 0900hrs. Pacific Coast Time.

And do NOT ask me if we have any SAR teams on the east coast that search for lost pets, we don't. 

There are NO Credible SAR Dog teams that search for pets on the East or SE coast or mid west at this time. 

We respond from the West coast.

We average 550 to 750 SAR Call requests a year for missing persons and lost pets. I do consulting work with an 85% success rate for $20.00.

The average costs for pet searches by city. Cities we respond to on a regular basis.

Vancouver, Washington & Portland, Oregon 2 hrs driving time (round trip from Longview, Wa.) $50.00, Fuel $35.00, 1 meal $10., Search time $200.00, Credit card fee $14.00. Totals: $309.00 

Moscow, Idaho. 15 hours Driving time from Longview, Wa. $375.00, 1 night motel $150.00, 808 miles driven $270.00 fuel, search time 1 hr $200.00 meals x 6 =$80.00, Credit card fee $48.00 = $1,123.

San Fransisco, Ca. 25 hours driving time from Longview, Wa. $625.00, 2 nights motels $300.00, 1363 miles fuel $460.00, meals x 3 days $120.00
search time $200.00, credit card fee $75.00 = $1,780.00

Reno, Nevada. 1254 miles round trip $420.00 fuel, 24 hours driving time round trip $500.00, 2 nights motel $300.00, 6 meals $120.00, search time $200.00   $1480 credit card fee $68.00 Totals: $1608.00

Los Angeles, Ca. 48 hours driving time round trip $1200.00, 2,050 miles round trip fuel $685.00, Motel x 3 = $450.00, meals x 4 days $160.00, Search time $200.00 = $2699.00 credit card fee $120.00 =$2815.00 

Bozeman, Montana. 30 hours driving time round trip $750.00, fuel 1570 miles round trip =$530.00, motels x 3 = $450.00, Search time $200.00, Meals 4 days $160.00 = $2,090.00 credit card fee $90.00 =$2,180.00

Fort Carson, Colorado. 2750 miles round trip, fuel $925.00, 48 hours driving time $1200.00, motel 450.00, meals x 4 days $160.00, Search time $200.00, =$2,845.00, Credit card fee $130.00 Totals: $3,066.00


This email in from jennifer Horman Osb.:

"Thank you for providing detailed info from your website re: difference between pet detectives and credible search n rescue ops. 

Despite expressed reservations of many, last week a friend hired Karin Tarqwyn Pet P.I. to find her lost bull mastiff. Thus far she's done nothing but isolate the dog owner from all the volunteers previously helping out, we cannot confirm anything she claims about herself, she's not even here in Oklahoma but sent someone from Memphis with a couple of dogs (they call this the "tracking team"). Though that person only stayed out for an hour and would not go into the woods so we could show her paw prints, they now claim they found the prints & are well on their way to finding the dog and are pawning off my map of perimeter with locations as their own.

Would you say she fits into the pseudo-pet detective category? Any adivce on how to stop the bleeding so we can find the dog, get Karin outta here, and salvage friends bank account?"

My response:

We get emails weekly from people who have used pet detectives in LA, Ca. Ok City and Seattle Wa areas. They are frustrated as these PET DETECTIVES mostly trained from the MARS group
Won't provide them with a search contract so they know ahead of time what they are getting ahead of time. (What kind of services to expect). Won't let them go on the searches with them. Won't supply them with an after action search report to document for court purposes should it come to that later on what did happen to their pet and where.

This is why we strongly urge every one to check out these people's references.

International K9 SAR Services are NOT pet detectives. We are in fact real search and rescue K9 Tracking team that tracks both people and lost pets.

Recently a client in Shelton, Wa. spent money on a pet detective who calls himself "3 labs K9 tracking team": His search dog led the family all over the place but didn't find the missing dog.
Then her husband hired us to come in. Our search dogs tracked from their home right to the entrance of the water treatment plant. Once the video was inspected from the security cameras the dog was seen going under the fence right where we tracked it to. Sadly it had drowned in the holding pond there. 

2014-9038-102(A). 03-98-2014 Lost dog Shelton, Wa. Kathy Jones Walker Park Rd. Shelton WA Chanel Red saluki with black muzzle, and black and white markings.16 months old. Chip is AKC. red collar w/black and gold trim Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Willow SAR Dog Tyler K-9-1. We were 100% on our track. Dog found inside Shelton water treatment plant dead. Drowned in pond. 

So you get what you pay for. We provide contracts before we respond so you know what to expect. We have hundreds of references from 28 years of finding missing people and lost pets posted on our web site.

We provide a receipt, invoice, and search report after each search and we'll gladly testify in court on your behalf should the need arise.

Harry Oakes
International K9 SAR Services.
Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.


Scent. All search dogs will pick up the freshest scent of the animal, and track it instinctively. As a human or animal walks along, it sheds approximately 10,000 pieces of scent per minute. This scent falls to the ground and stays there until the wind and air currents move the scent to nearby dirt, sand, brushy vegetation areas. The scent is held there until it fully dissipates about a year later. When an animal or human walks in one specific direction it's laying down scent that the trained search dog can track up to 365 days later, even in the rain. Rain actually helps the scent. It brings the scent closer to the ground surface, keeps the search dogs nasal passages moist to help the dog retain the scent, and it will liven the scent.


What hurts scent? Heavy vehicle and human traffic contaminates the scent. Heavy rains of 2" per day may wash the scent down. Heat dries out the scent and the search dogs nasal scent receptors making it harder for the search dog to track. Cigarette smoke contains a poisonous drug called Nicotine. Nicotine is an anesthetizing agent that can numb up the search dogs scent receptors by 95% and make the search dogs basically useless. If you smoke around your pet, the second hand cigarette smoke poison that you are putting into their little lungs (Nicotine) can also alter the missing pet's scent, and prevent a search dog from tracking it. That's why all of our team members are non-smokers. That's also why you are never allowed to smoke around our search dogs or their handlers. You are also exposing your pet to many types of respiratory diseases and cancer.

Can search dogs track at night? Yes, of course we can. In fact we prefer to track at night. Air molecules stay lower to the ground at night and there are fewer scents to contend with in the evening.


False tracks. A false track happens when the animal walks one specific direction, then the pet owner or someone else, walks on top of the pet's scent (usually in or around the home). This transfers the pet's scent onto the bottom of the person's footwear and when the person walks or drives a different direction, this person is now giving off a fresher scent of the missing pet to track. This is called a false scent trail. There is no way to prevent this from happening, it's a fact of life. The only way that you can keep this from happening, is to call Search and Rescue out immediately before you do any looking, so as not to contaminate the track.

What happens when the search dog tracks to a specific location and we can't find our pet? This happens on many of the tracks. The pet will walk to a specific location and by the time we get called, respond, and perform our track of the missing pet, it has already been picked up by a well meaning person to be cared for. The search dog will give you a direction of travel of your missing pet and the location of where your animal was picked up. You can then post your lost pet posters in this area. 60% of our clients get their pets back this way. This saves you time, money, and works really well.


What if the search dog tracks my pet to a specific location and we get reports of sightings in a completely different area? It is not unusual for someone who is well meaning to pick up a lost animal. Soon the animal becomes too much responsibility for the person to take care of. They then may take it away from their own home and let it go. Usually at a nearby park, school, or business. They may take it back to where they found it and set it free, hoping it will find its way back home. Or the pet may just break free from the person and try to find its way back home.

How do we know the search dogs track was accurate? There is never a 100% guarantee that we'll find your loved one. We'll give it our best efforts. A SEARCH DOG doesn't know how to lie. That's why their testimony in a court of law is accepted, with training, testing, and mission documentation. A search dog is trained to follow the track or trail of the scent given to them by their dog handler. A mutual trust exists between the dog handler and the search dog. There a rare times where the search dog ends up following a false track. This happens approximately once in every 300 searches and it is usually caused by cross contamination.


Harry Oakes started in SAR, May 1972. with Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office with MCSO LE Post# 900 / 631. Portland, Ore.

1974-1977 US Army Military Police assisted in MAST Medicvac’s.

1978 Worked as a SAR Coordinator with Morrow County Sheriff’s Office in Heppner, Oregon.

1986 active member / instructor with Portland Mountain Rescue and co-founded the search dog program Oregon D.O.G.S. for the state of Oregon in 1986.

1987. Harry then founded the Non profit K9 SAR team of Mountain                                   Wilderness Search Dogs.

1997 Founded the for profit professional International K9 Search and Rescue Services.

Here's the break down of Harry’s SAR Calls. All documented, and all accepted in the courts of law. Reviewed and verified by the Oregon Department of Justice. 

Since 1986, I've received over 11,255 SAR calls around the world. 
Again all these cases are documented by date, times, locations, names, places, agencies and have been reviewed by the Dept of justice, local law enforcement and other agencies and has been authenticated.

Finding just one person alive or dead gives a search dog handler credibility. Harry Oakes has a documented 99% accuracy level at finding the victim or determining what really happened to them and where.


Please contact I.K.9.S.A.R.S. for current updated SAR missions list and stats at


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