All About Dogs NW
P.O.Box # 1472
Longview, Washington 98632

A.A.D.N.W. is a private professional licensed business based out of Longview, Wa. that provides service to customers in the Pacific N.W. We provide service to from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington.

The business is owned by Dog training expert Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr. who has been training search and rescue dogs and their handlers all over the world since 1986. Harry is certified through ABTA as an instructor in dog obedience.

Here are the services we provide.

Dog walking services.

We come to your home, take the dog out on a HARNESS or gentle leader and walk your dog for one hour.

Note: We will not walk your dog if it’s on a collar, choke chain or pinch collar. You can purchase a harness for your dog at Pet Smart or Petco. The dog's ID must be attached to the back of the dog’s harness.

Note: We will not walk dog aggressive dogs. If your dog has a history to be aggressive towards other dogs or people, we won’t walk it.

Prices for Dog Walking:
Longview, Washington $ 30.00
Portland, Oregon $ 60.00
Vancouver, Washington $ 60.00
Olympia, Washington $ 60.00

Dog Massage.
Dogs suffer from aches, pains, bumps, bruises, sore joints and muscles just like you and I. A full body massage takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. It relaxes and de-stresses your dog. It increases blood circulation and overall their general health and happiness.

If you bring the dog to our facility then we charge $75.00 dollars.

If we come to you, ad $30.00 per hour travel time each way from Longview, Washington.

The dog is first taken outside where it can play and relax, then it is laid on its side and massaged from nose to tail. We start with its head, eyes, ears, neck, throat, back, spine, legs, feet, butt and tail.

The dog is also combed or brushed out at the end of the session.

Dog Taxi.
Do you need your dog transported to and from doggy daycare or to the
veterinarians office for an appointment?

We charge $30.00 per hour travel time from Longview, Washington. Plus a $20.00 pick up fee.

Dog Obedience.
We teach Love, Hugs and Kisses Dog Obedience format to all dogs of all ages. We require that the dog be a minimum of 4 months old. Have a harness and lead.
Be up to date on all of its shots.

Cost $75.00 for the private class.
Ad $30.00 per hour, travel time each way

We try and book our appointments a week in advance.
We do take emergency calls 24/7 for emergency transports.

All clients must complete an application and waiver form before service is provided.